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The Teller

A Kuwaiti bank teller who doesn’t judge people on how much (or little!) money they have in their bank account.

Usually considered to be at the bottom of the banking food chain but even with the modern day advantages of online banking and telebanking customers still prefer to come into my branch and step up to my counter.

I am not only a teller but also a teacher, problem-solver, accountant, multi-tasker, therapist, mentor, student, analyst and infrequent palm reader.

Contact the Teller:

kuwaiti DOT bank DOT teller




gmail DOT com



1. Entrepreneur - August 13, 2006

Hehe rock on!

2. Blue Ice Envy - October 27, 2006


I lost my old blog Between Kuwait And France, when I switched to Blogger Beta, and I am having trouble sending comments on Blogger’s blogs.

So, in case you were trying to read me and thought that I erased my blog; you’re wrong, I’m still here with a new blog and a new profile but still witht the same posts!

3. Ney Tang - November 23, 2006

To: Whom it may concern

Hi, my name is Ney Tang who is doing a research about teller position. I want to know that is it Higher EXPERIENCE gain higher salary? any prove? Thank you for taking your time to review my letter..you have a nice day.. buh bye..

4. awaini - June 24, 2007
5. Mona Hallaq - August 15, 2007

Hi ,, I am doing some kind of paper for my university about the banking sector employees in Kuwait , any one can help with the number of employees at each of the following:
ABK – Ahli Bank of Kuwait
BKME- The Bank of Kuwait and the Middle East
GB- Gulf Bank

Thanks for your help

6. Michael Tim - February 28, 2009

I love your site! 🙂

Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

7. Chubb the Teller - January 27, 2012

Hey this is hilarious! I went looking online for blogs like yours and you’re one of the few that popped up. I’m doing something in a similar vein here in Canada. A whole world away. Interesting. Check me out; http://tellering.blogspot.com


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