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Friday SEQ (Search Engine Queries) September 29, 2006

Posted by Teller in Banking.

Blog statistics inform you of your readers and, dear Readers, I’ve come to depend on them to see who’s visiting me. Over the past few months I’ve viewed a plethora of search engine queries. Some are disjointed words pieced together whilst others are honest inquiries that called out to me. I would like this space to be of use to all readers and subsequently I am going to compile some of the SEQs and try my best to provide helpful answers.

SEQ) how much do bank tellers make

Salaries vary from bank to bank. The starting salary is roughly KD450 but things you must take into consideration are:

  • Educational Level: University graduates make more than high school graduates by KD50-200. If you factor in the governmental supplement add another KD100-200 to the original figure.
  • Previous Experience: Entry-level employees make substantially less than their mid-level counterparts. Seniority and grade level can also cause general and evening shift salary to be higher.
  • Evening Shift: This is one of the major salary boosters. Some banks require that employees work five evening shifts and others may request that you work two. Not only does the number of shifts you work raise your salary but also the bank you’re working at. The going rate for an evening shift (usually three hours long) is anywhere from KD8 to KD14.
  • Incentives: One of the perks of the job is being rewarded for sales you generate. Again, this varies from bank to bank but the best banks reward you for every credit card you issue, every fixed deposit you bring in and every salary transferred. There are both personal incentives and branch incentives. This one is great for team players. Help your branch meet its target and you will benefit financially.

Take into account that not everyone starts on an even playing field and there are many more factors that I haven’t mentioned. An example is the teller I’ve heard of that started fresh from University and was getting KD650 + Governmental Supplement + Evening Shifts + Incentives. You can make a lot of money as a teller if you play your cards right. Of course you can also lose a lot of money if you are horrible at it so tread carefully!

I hope I answered your SEQ fully. Is there more information you need to know or would like to add to the subject? Let me know in the comments,




1. future colleague - September 30, 2006

Informative for someone just recently had an interview to work as a teller!

Yet, I have few points need clarification. Is the night shifts optional? For how long the training course lasts? Would the management exert “real pressure” on tellers to force them making friends and relatives to open an account in the bank? Where a university graduate teller ends after 5, 7 and 10 year intervals!? Finally, I will appreciate a brief description about the organisation of the branch and what different employees do?


Possibly a future colleague!

2. Blue Ice Envy - October 20, 2006

So which bank in Kuwait pays the more?

By the way,
I’m honored to be on your Blog Roll list 🙂

3. Financy - October 30, 2006


im just wondering .. i never heard of a bank that gives a fresh university graduate a 650 k.d basic sallary .. the one u mentioned ..

which bank does that ? ill go there NOW

4. Lailo - October 1, 2007

Hey, I work in a bank as a full time customer service rep in the call center. My basic salary is 300 and I have a high school degree. My colleagues who are like me are earning around 350-380 basic. Is there a reason as to why they do that? We have the exact same qualifications.

As a part time employee, I used to earn 220, which is 80 KD less than full time work.
You have a great blog, and I added you on my blogroll because I will be checking your blog EVERYDAY.

5. Yara - November 11, 2007

I have been looking for this kind of information for a long time… thank God i foung your blog.
This is my final year at university and seriously thinking of working in the banking sector.. I’m married and i have a baby boy.. I dont want a dead end job where you do nothing.. I like a job thats challenging and interesting. (doesnt hurt to have a great pay)
Do majors make a difference with the salary? For example accounting earns different than marketing? ect

6. desism - December 24, 2007

thanks for this info. i like your blog. very informative. keep on blogging!

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