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The Branch & its Players July 27, 2006

Posted by Teller in Counter Closed.

Have you noticed the high number of bloggers that make headlines because they get dismissed or made to resign from their jobs after their blog is discovered? It’s so bad that Blogger has a page advising you how not to get fired for your blog! The latest blogger forced into unemployment is Petite Anglaise.

That’s only one reason why I am cautious about my identity and protective of my customers’. Branch and customer details are changed slightly because when it comes down to it I take my responsibilities seriously. E-mails asking about a customer’s identity in a particular post won’t merit a reply. I also will not answer which bank or branch I’m located at. It may behoove you to try to find out and to those who may attempt such a treasure hunt I wish you the best of luck.

The Female Manager: Always fearful, dreaded and moody.
The Assistant Manager: Always helpful, timid and peaceful.
Meet The Loan Officers:

1) The Obnoxious One: Always obnoxious.
2) The Good One: Always perfect.

The Meeter Greeter: Always solemn, distracted and quiet.
Meet The Tellers:

1) FunnyGirl: Always cheerful, smiling and sweet.
2) Chimney: Always late, smoking and sulky.

3) Yours Truly

The Teaboy: Always ready, quick and smart.

The Trainees: Always changing, eager and refreshing.



1. extinct dodo - July 28, 2006

it wouldnt be the wisest decision to blog from work. that’s a sure way of getting caught.

other than that, its gonna be one hell of a treasure hunt, as you put it, to figure out someones personal details, unless you intentionally disclose info

can you really get fired in kuwait for what you say on your blog? 😐 sounds like bull to me

Teller replies, I avoid blogging from work so that nobody can hold that against me if it leads to a dismissal. I haven’t heard of locals getting fired because of thier blogs yet but why risk it? 

2. Shirley - July 28, 2006

Hi, Bankteller. Enjoyed reading here as I always do when I come over.

We live in a small town now, and although our main checking account is not at the bank here, we have some CDs and one other account at the bank here. Our relationship with the bank here in Crestline is so different from the ones in the bank in San Bernardino, a city of over 200,000 people. It’s much more personal up here, because its so small, I’m sure. Then too, they have oatmeal cookies and coffee setting around. Jerry tells me they’re yummy. I’m always kind of embarrassed to walk over and get a “bank cookie.”


Shirley Buxton

Teller replies: Life is short Shirley, go and sample one of their cookies. After all they appreciate your business and they try to show you that. We sometimes have treats like that for our customers. It’s good policy making the customers feel at home in our branch.  

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5. Michael Tim - February 28, 2009

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