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Breaking the Routine & Unity July 10, 2006

Posted by Teller in Counter Closed.

One of the best things on the job, for me is the routine. It keeps me grounded. It keeps me stable. It keeps me on track. I equate it with praying five times a day. It always keeps me centered and focused. However when your entire day is pre-scheduled, one single event can delay the rest of your work. That’s when I start twitching. I abhor deviating away from my schedule especially when it’s to deal with co-worker tantrums.

July and August are the months when promotions will be announced and cemented. Due to his delusional state, Chimney believes he’s got one due. Forget the bad evaluation, poor performance, daily tardiness and the simple fact that he is Chimney. He still insists that he should be on the short list to a better job title, grade and salary.

My routine has been consistently interrupted last week because of our new manager’s demands that I come to her office so she can better acquaint herself with me. She has subtley been trying to see how much it will take to aggravate me. Silly demands from her have to be answered immediately. As she has been calling for me with pointless tasks, Chimney has taken upon himself the right to get jealous, childish and irate. He views my visits to her office as a threat to his step up in the branch.

From what I’ve witnessed so far she enjoys fermenting this type of conflict between coworkers in her branch. She believes it spawns competitiveness. I see it as it is, a horrible way to manage. When you have a group of people who spend countless hours together, it’s not the brightest idea to have strife amid them. Especially in our situation when you have to depend heavily on others to help carry the load that stems from our customers.

Chimney has long resented me. I made a horrible mistake when I first started working years ago. I was asked what my salary and grade were and I answered the question truthfully. It was a naive mistake to have made. Never tell anyone what you make. No good will ever come out of it. Someone out there always thinks they deserve more than you and that you shouldn’t be entitled to what you currently have. Chimney has long believed that he deserved to be of a higher standing than me and right now is trying his best to make my life at the branch as miserable as it can be. He wanted to use the new manager’s reputation to speed my resignation or transfer along. Because of her antics he thinks that I’m safe from that and eased up a little. He’s still being an annoyance in other ways.

I will divulge more on that later as it is now past my bedtime.



1. Vixen - July 11, 2006

Work rivalries are constantly there, but I see them as childish and pointless. It does sound like your boss is adding to it.

2. extinct dodo - July 11, 2006

eagerly awaiting your divulgence 😛

3. ArcheologyUncovered - August 27, 2006

I tell people IRL what i make so they pity me.

Then they buy me that candy floss i’ve been eyeing.

Btw: i’m surprised your bank doesn’t have a sort of ‘no smoking’ rule. That sucks.

But yay for a potential promotion!

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