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Mr. Shady Character June 24, 2006

Posted by Teller in Counter Closed.

"Who was he?"

A man walked into my branch twice. The first time he sat down and stared at me. The second time he asked about me but I was away from my counter and when I returned, he was gone. For days he remained an elusive creature. I had my suspicions but I didn't want to voice them in case I turned out to be wrong and you would all see the ego on me 😉

A few days after the second visit fo his my phone rang and light was shed on the mystery. My aunt had told one of her friends that I was eligible, read "desperate spinster" and which branch I worked at. Said friend had a nephew six years my senior who was also eligible. He came, he saw, and he was interested. Let's ignore that he didn't speak a word to me. This is a common scenario that occurs in Kuwait. In a country where dating is taboo and singletons have no acceptable venue for meeting and chatting up potential significant others, the elders interfere and you find the man (or female members of his family) showing up at your place of work to check you out discreetly. Needless to say, this is very distracting and frankly I hate this game. Usually the female knows this is about to happen and dresses up for the occasion. My aunt dropped the ball on that one because she was out of the country.

He is still interested.

I am still disinterested and praying he doesn't reappear at my branch and work up the courage to talk to me. 



1. Q8Sultana - June 24, 2006

You never know, he might be ok.

Cool blog btw. I honestly never came accross it, but then again, I’ve been somewhat away from blogworld 🙂

2. Malnurtured Snay - June 24, 2006

Or he could be an ax-murderer. Is that a chance you’re willing to take?

3. Vixen - June 24, 2006

Not everyone is an axe murderer, JEEZ! I get why you are creeped out though. Is he ever going to talk to you? Or does he get his cousin to tell your aunt to tell you that he wants a date? How does that part work?

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