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Female Managers June 23, 2006

Posted by Teller in Counter Open.

"Teller!" a voice shouted as I stepped into the branch. It was not a joyous exclamation. I could hear the relief in my coworker's voice, "I can't believe you're really back! I thought she got rid of you too!"

The hair on the nape of my neck stood up. Something was different in a bad way. There was tension in the air. I didn't know when I left my branch a month ago that I would return and find that everything would be changed. The most significant change was that our manager had been replaced. Instead of the prickly male we had come to tolerate and learned how to deal with, we now had to adjust to having a female manager.

In all likelihood, my following statements may result in a severe backlash but I will not attempt to forestall it by mincing my words about the way things are. You must confront the problem in order to reach a solution. I will concede that there are stereotypes in what I will continue to say and these stereotypes from the experiences I've been through over the years and from what I've heard from other employees. That said, I'll continue…  

Female managers are known to be merciless. In a male-dominated world, they have to work twice as hard as their counterparts and they need to be ruthless to do it. There is no time to mince words or to coddle your hurt feelings. If you can't take the heat, tough luck. If you're male, they will squeeze every ounce of work in you making your life hell if in any way they suspect that you are trying to pull one over them because of their gender. If you're a female and you get a female manager, I have four words to say to you. You are in trouble. Female managers view other females as a threat rather than an ally. In viewing them in such a light managers discriminate against their female employees.

It's well-known that male and female management styles differ. Countless studies have been done, numerous papers have catalogued the differences, the benefits and disadvantages. Our new manager was definitely one who illustrates all the disadvantages of being lead by a female.

1. Always know history in order to learn from it. A quarter of the staff that had worked with her have resigned within 3-6 months of being under her management. She has had the highest staff turnover rate because they either resign or request to be transferred. 

2. She discriminates against women because they are women. At our branch she has transferred 3 of the female staff to other branches because they are "inadequate" and yet kept our incompetant male loan officer. 

3. She has a history of commending a staff member's work only to rip them to shreds on the official evaluation. She will then refuse to change it and complain to the administration that the employee is unwilling to better him/herself by accepting her input. 

4. She will do anything to get ahead. This includes seducing potential customers and asking female employees to do the same.  

In the week I've been back I've been fortunate in escaping her scrutiny. She has had to attend managerial courses and so hasn't been at the branch very often. I'm wary of what the work atmosphere is going to be like upon her return.  

الله يستر علينا



1. Vixen - June 24, 2006

Sounds like a royal bitch. Oooooo, hope you manage to stay on her good side (if she even has one!)

2. Financy - July 21, 2006

whats up with the female manager ?
hows she with u now ?

ive been working for a year now in ONE branch , had a female assistant manager over me for like 2 months or less till they brought us our Male manager . my manager is a good man , very friendly and understanding and respectful .
but i want to change my branch .. i get bored easily !

3. Kiwi Nomad - August 13, 2006

Unfortunate situation… i toughed it out for over 2 years at the same bank it would appear, but then quit when I had something better to move onto. Unfortunately, to bring up issues in the workplace, such as poor management, to address and resolve them is seen as negative, rather than a positive move to bring about change. You will find that people from the CEO down are resitant to any change that is not on their terms – and while the bank is making profits hand over fist, why change! In an autocratically run organisation, everyone will copy the behaviours of those above them on the rung to get ahead. This also breeds a culture of sychophantic behaviour & no rocking of the boat. Not the most conducive environment for bringing about change.
Thats my rant over for now!

Teller replies, Nobody ever wants to hear negative in-house criticism even if it’s constructive and they could benefit from listening to it.  No, they would rather hire an outside agency to come in and then proceed to tell them exactly what you’ve been saying from the get-go. Even then change is temporary. Unfortunately most of Kuwait has a high resistence to change. 

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