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I’ll Be Back, said the Automated Teller Machine June 18, 2006

Posted by Teller in Counter Open.

A temporary leave of absence, she said. Two weeks, she said. How temporary is a month? I believe I've shown a remarkable amount of self-restraint in not writing in that time period. In an amazingly short time I became attached to WordPress as an outlet for my work-related stories and more so to you, Readers. I'm grateful to those who commented or e-mailed me about my (seemingly) sudden disappearance. To maintain my anonymity I will refrain from giving out the specific details but I will take the opportunity to issue the following statements.

1) It had nothing to do with the pseudo-stalker. An upcoming post will shed light on those incidents. Harsha wasn't too far off the mark.

2) I didn't cease my posts because I was found out and threatened with dismissal. I've been discreet in revealing details about customers because privacy is crucial in my line of work.

3)A pressing matter turned into an extended holiday and now I'm back, refreshed and revived. I'll be back at work tomorrow and frankly I couldn't be more excited. I've missed my coworkers and customers, the smell of the branch, the peacefulness of entering it in the mornings and preparing for the rush. I've missed the routine of my days.



1. Vixen - June 19, 2006

Yay! You’re back. You’ve really been missed:)

2. Harsha - June 21, 2006

hmm I await your vacation story :o)

3. Harsha - June 21, 2006

oops , dint know emoticons worked her
it was actually supposed to be 🙂

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