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T is for Therapist May 4, 2006

Posted by Teller in Counter Open.

Working as a teller is sometimes akin to working as a bartender. A myriad of people find themselves at my counter. The more time they spend there, the more likely it is I will hear a personal tale. Some of these counter confessions are heartbreaking, while others are added to a list of things I wish I didn't know.

A good teller manages to both console and run transactions. I confess, I'm not always a good teller. Every so often I need to break for five just to regain my composure. I've always seen the world through rose-colored glasses; the eternally foolish Pollyanna. These confessions bring my world tumbling around my ears. 

"I got laid off three months ago but my parents are unaware that anything's changed. I need to use my savings to pretend there's still a salary being transferred to my account."

"My wife passed away during the Invasion. She was murdered. I've remarried since but I don't love her the same way I loved my first wife. I would give anything to have her back."

"My stepsister's dying of cancer. She doesn't know that I found out. She hasn't told our father yet and now that I know her secret I don't want to see her. I'm scared of death and dying."

"I owe a lot of people money because I have gambling problems."

"When I was studying in London I met and married a Jewish girl. My parents don't know. When I graduated they arranged for me to marry my cousin. I take regular trips to London to see her."

"My four year-old cousin was raped by her uncle. Her father knows but he didn't tell the mother. They told my cousin it was a dream and she shouldn't tell her mother about it. They're worrying about a grown up being unable to accept reality and destroying an innocent child's life in the process."

"I married my husband out of obligation. The man I love is poor and my family wouldn't let me marry him. They don't know that my husband cheats on me."



1. Vixen - May 5, 2006

Yeah, my job is akin to therapy too. All day long! I can totally empathize and see why you need to take five. Some of the stories are so sad, so heartbreaking while others are utterly horrendous.

Have you been to postsecret yet? It’s a picture blog where people mail in their secrets anonymously for closure. It’s a big hit here in the US and you see all kinds of stories on there.


2. Blogs from the other side of the counter | ntor - July 7, 2006

[…] The first is Days of a Kuwaiti Bank Teller. The title doesn’t get much clearer than that. It is written by an anonymous bank teller from Kuwait. Always a good read as I’ve not only learned a little about what it’s like to work in a bank, but it offers some insight into a country/culture that I don’t know all that much about. Some posts that I’ve really enjoyed are T is for Therapist, Working Hours and Keep Your Promise. Very well written and interesting blog. […]

3. Quick Gifts - August 8, 2007

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