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The Customer Who…is Careful With Her Money April 25, 2006

Posted by Teller in Customer Who...Series.

Of all miserly customers I've had, this lady wins the grand prize.

She walked into the branch wearing a normal enough ensemble; a plain blue button-down shirt with a pair of black wide-legged pants and comfortable shoes. Her only accessories were pearl earrings and a Gucci bag, a few seasons old. Her manner, as she waited for her turn, was somber and meek. Nothing about her triggered my VIP alarm or anyone else's.

That changed when she came to my counter. Her face took on a accusatory expression and her tone was aggressive. "You are all alike. You take our money and think we don't notice! I know you for what you are! I know the games you play!"

When I politely asked her what the problem was she continued her assault on banks, tellers, loan officers and the rest of our ilk. She had been keeping track of her finances and money was missing from her account.

I don't like it when I get cases like these. Money missing from an account is never a good thing. It means someone in another branch has made a serious error and I will have to report it. It's not an easy process. I have forms to fill out and then an investigation is launched to see how this mistake occured.

I explained the process to the VIP woman and she vehemenently wanted to pursue the path of finding the culprit. She didn't know when exactly the money had gone missing and wouldn't state how much it was until I printed a statement of her account.

She made me print out a 6 month statement and stayed at my counter for half an hour just because she was convinced her account was short 0.050 fils (roughly $0.20). Ebenezer Scrooge would have been proud.

Rich people prefer being called eccentric, right?



1. Vixen - April 25, 2006

Oh my goodness! For 20 cents?? She probably hid it somewhere else and forgot where she put it.

2. Financer - August 16, 2007

That\\\\\\\’s very interesting. I hope to read more later.

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