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No Shame April 22, 2006

Posted by Teller in Counter Closed.

On occasion I'm obligated to escort my aunts on visitations. These occurances contain plenty of gossip, refreshments and pointed questions in regard to my job. The same women ripped me to shreds asking me which sector I wanted to join and which jobs I was applying to when I was first applying to jobs. They continue to do so after having held the same job for a few years now.

Have you ever had someone ask you what you do for a living and then look at you with pity when they hear your answer? It's a miserable feeling and I always swear to myself that I will never do that to anyone else. It's dismaying how often I've come face to face with this scenario. These malice-tinged inquiries hint that I should be disappointed in my job and despondent. Why would I settle for a job that anyone can do? By anyone, they mean predominantly those people without a college education or expats. Every time I'm placed in this environment I do my best to defend my job. It only serves to make the situation worse. They begin treating me like a addict in denial, tutting and shaking their heads.

I walk away feeling like I haven't accomplished anything. They continue to hold onto their prejudices and preconceptions. It doesn't matter one bit to them that I get fulfillment out of my job and that I love helping people day in and day out. Yes, customers frustrate me at times but I'm still doing this because when it comes down to it, I love my job. Maybe if I told them my monthly salary they would respect it more. Probably not. I don't see what joy people get out of belittling what others do. Miserable old cows.

Of course there are those that instantly light up at my answer and proceed to interrogate me on what credit card limits and loans they can get. It's always good to get a little business out of these visitations. I walk out feeling proud of the job I do and helping someone out. These aren't the moments that come to me when I go to bed. It's always the snide comments that I remember. How I wish it wasn't so!



1. Geekette - April 28, 2006

And what may be so wrong with being a bank teller, pray tell? Or is there a cultural bias against that occupation/industry over there? You’re not begging/stealing, just doing an honest days work. People are so silly…

Teller replies: Geekette, thank you for visiting my blog. In answer to your comment, yes, there is a strong cultural bias against my job here but it’s changing slowly. Granted, there are many prejudices against jobs in the services industry here. A lot of customers come in and treat me like dirt or their personal servant. It’s akin to the way people are rude to maids or waiters. Our jobs define us in their eyes and determine their behavior towards us. People are silly…

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