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Dress Code April 10, 2006

Posted by Teller in Counter Open.

A stranger walks into the branch. A bank ID tag is clipped to his pocket and in his arm, a clipboard. I groan and nudge my co-worker. As usual Chimney isn't in his seat, so she is the only co-worker warned in time. They've come to evaluate us.

They are bank employees whose appearances in the branches are feared second only to the Audit division. Their appearances are few and short-lived but they carry quite a sting.

I smile as he approaches me. In return he just nods briskly. This one is going to be trouble.

"What's your name?"

I tell him and he scribbles it down furiously on his notepad. He looks up again.

"How long have you been working here?"

I let him know and he is surprised at my answer. It's a common reaction. People always comment on how young I look.

"Why are you wearing a shirt that color?"

Excuse me? I thought I'd misheard him and heard "color" instead of "collar". Apparantly not. He lectures me upon the value of wearing quiet colors and I sit there frozen. Then I remember that I have a voice. What I said to him isn't fit to be repeated. It's safe to say that my evaluation marks are going to be lower than usual.



1. Vixen - April 14, 2006

You go girl!!! First time on here and I just wanted to tell you that you have a really lovely blog. I look forward to hearing more bank teller stories. In Kuwait…wow, that’s intense. I’m adding you to my RSS feed.

2. *-fwai7-* - July 30, 2006

hehehe i’m so linking you on my blogroll. i loved working at a bank and i had the GREATEST time. wanasa, i love reading ur stories 😛

and wear whatever the hell u want 😛 my days at the bank progressed from suit-smart-outfits to jeans and a blouse to short islami with a ba7ar top 😛 6izzzzzz

Teller replies, Thank you and welcome to my blog! I will make sure to link you back ASAP! I’m glad you had a positive bank experience.  

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