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Women and the War Against Female Tellers April 7, 2006

Posted by Teller in Counter Open.

"Jealousy is not a barometer by which the depth of love can be read, it merely records the degree of the lover's insecurity."
-Margaret Mead


A common ritual all female tellers go through is meeting the jealous wife of a customer. I have yet to meet a teller who hasn't experienced this first-hand. For some reason, we instill fear in the minds of our customer's wives. Curiousity compells them to find out exactly what it is this female wants or what business he has at the bank that he hasn't told her about.

Now some may encounter this vision of feminine madness early on in their careers, possibly while they are still trainees. All tellers are burned at one time or another by this type of woman. Depending on a woman's insecurity the incidents vary on the Insanity scale. Few of these run-ins reach managerial ears. The majority are shared among co-workers, worthy of a chuckle or two after you've calmed the wife down and gotten her out of the branch.

I seem to have had more than my fair share of these encounters. It might be because I refuse to bend when it comes to privacy. I take my job seriously. It doesn't make a difference to me if you're his wife, I will not share the reason for needing to talk to your husband. It compromises his privacy.

These experiences have re-inforced my view that relationships in Kuwait are built on very shaky foundations. The mere whisper of a doubt could end marriages. One telephone call can bring an irate woman down to your branch demanding to confront you.

On Tuesday, our trainee came face-to-face with a storming customer's wife. She blazed into the branch screaming out our trainee's name. The poor thing was shaking, wide-eyed. Once the woman pinpointed the location of our trainee, thanks to our dense security guard who can't spot trouble even if it's staring him in the face, she went up to her practically foaming at the mouth.

"You think we are backwards?! I can see the numbers who call my house! I can see the number matches his mobile! You think you can just call up other women's husbands and get away with it? I will take this to the police!"

The manager came rushing out thinking this was a personal matter that had gotten out of hand. For the first fifteen minutes we had no idea who this woman was. All she did was spew filth at our timid trainee who was crying at this point. The manager called the woman into his office to discuss the matter and I took our trainee by the arm and got her to wash her face. I asked her who the woman was and she replied that she had no idea. She had burst into tears in shock as the woman railed against her.

Our assistant manager had gone into the office with the irate woman and our manager. She came to us after five minutes and told us the woman was the wife of one of our customers who the trainee had called because his visa payment was overdue. When the wife picked up she didn't disclose her reason for calling. Not sharing her reason for calling was enough for the woman to slip into a jealous haze.

In due time the issue was settled. The woman left pacified yet still shooting dirty looks at our trainee. Being an attractive girl doesn't ease suspicions. Our manager called in the trainee and told her to be more careful who she called, as if we can tell when the next crazy woman will answer the phone.



1. Vixen - April 14, 2006

Whoa!! I didn’t even know that there were issues like that at all. All this drama and you are just trying to do your job. Dayum!

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